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Being one of the activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), FHS last week organised the fourth installment of its science popularisation activity titled “The Pursuit of Research”, aiming to broaden the local secondary students’ research perspectives and inspire them to pursue their dream in sciences. The activity attracted 48 students and teachers from six local secondary schools in Macao. In the activity, the students visited the core facilities of FHS and experienced research by conducting hands-on experiments related to health sciences.

During the opening ceremony, FHS Dean Chuxia DENG warmly received the participants from Instituto Salesiano, Keang Peng School, Saint Paul School Macau, The Affiliated School of the University of Macau, Colégio Diocesano de São José 6 and Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School, and introduced them with the Faculty’s achievements in academics and research accumulated in this decade. Taking the Newton’s discovery of universal gravitation and the uncovering of Penicillin as examples, Prof. Deng encouraged the students to be science-curious and enthusiastic in exploring the scientific world.

Under the supervision of FHS Associate Dean (Teaching) Guokai CHEN and Associate Professor Terence Chuen Wai POON, the participants participated in a tailor-made lab tour to visit the core facilities of FHS. They came to know more about the state-of-the-art equipment of FHS and the research achievements of UM in precision oncology, stem cell development, aging and related diseases, etc.  Being coached by the instructors from FHS, the students individually conducted experiments related to biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, and bioinformatics to learn about different scientific theories and obtained first-hand experience in a pleasant atmosphere.

CecilliaFONG, a teacher of Instituto Salesiano, thinks that the activity enabled students to learn outside the classroom and enhanced their scientific literacy. “It is an eye-opening experience for the students to make use of the advanced equipment and try their hand at experiments,” says Cecillia. “It also helps them identify their passions for their future academic and career pursuits.”

Ka Kei HO, a student from Keang Peng School, says that she is glad to receive this opportunity to experience research-grade facilities and infrastructure. According to her, she was worried that she was not able to complete the experiments on her own at the beginning. Yet, thanks to the instructors who gave her clear instructions and attention to her every step, she and her schoolmates derived enjoyment and satisfaction from finishing the experiments successfully. She also believes that early exposure to university research can be helpful in considering the direction of further studies.

Tak Weng IP, a student from Colégio Diocesano de São José 6, says that he has been curious about biomedical sciences, and was lucky to be recommended by his school to participate in this activity. Besides conducting an experiment related to biomedical sciences, he was overjoyed to learn more about pharmaceutical sciences and bioinformatics via his first-hand experience in doing the related experiments. Tak Weng Ip says, “The experiments helped me formulate concrete hypothesis and understand the relationship among science, technology, community and the environment.” He expressed hope that more science popularisation activities will be organised by FHS to draw wider participation from interested students for some exposure in the practical and delightful experience.

In addition to this activity, FHS has also organised other science popularisation activities for students from secondary schools in Macao, including science talks, the Health Sciences Summer Camp, and a one-day camp for students in the Principals’ Recommended Admission Scheme. These activities are in line with FHS’ philosophy of pursuing the sustainable development of scientific research in these 10 years, promoting the close integration of science popularisation and education, enhancing secondary school students’ interest in science, and nurturing them to have a dream to pursue in sciences.

Teachers and students visit the core facilities

The students try their hand at various experiments

Ka Kei HO

Tak Weng IP

A group photo