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Dust off your cameras or pick up your smartphones to capture the beauty of our campus. The images you take may give audience a fresh perspective on UM campus and perhaps you will be the winner!

UM is famous for its fascinating campus, which was designed by Jingtang HE, a world-class architect and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering with a garden-style layout and a mixture of Chinese and Western cultural elements. It attracts hundreds of visitors to linger on attractive flowerbeds and tree-lined avenues during weekends.

If you have some awesome pictures taken in UM campus, you are welcome to participate in the UM Campus Photography Competition!

Organizer: Health Sciences Postgraduate Society

Eligibility: All UM students

Theme: UM campus (it can be people, buildings, plants or whatever you like)

Entry Requirements: All submitted works must be original. The submitted work must be in jpg format, and maximum two entries can be submitted by one applicant.

Submission Method: The submitted work must be named as “picture name-your name-student ID-wechat account” and sent to the following email address: umfhspa@126.com.

Submission period: 9-15 November 2020

Online voting: 16-22 November 2020

Awards:      The Winner : MOP500;

The Second Place : MOP300

The Third Place: MOP100

Announcement of Results: Results of the competition will be announced on 23 November 2020.

Please scan the QR code for more details!

Looking forward to your participation!搀

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A picture of sunset at UM taken by FHS Chair Professor Hanming SHEN