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Zihan LIU, a PhD student of FHS, recently won the logo design in the 40th Anniversary of University of Macau Logo and Slogan Design Competition. The judging panel reviewed 83 entries of logo design and made a professional selection out of the excellent submitted works. Zihan LIU emerged and was the champion.

Yimin ZHENG, another PhD student of FHS, has made great contribution to Zihan LIU’s prize-winning design work. They worked together to sketch ideas, refine the concept and finalize the layout. Afterwards, Yimin ZHENG turned the drawing into a usable digital format. Zihan LIU further polished the layout and prepared the design description in words. They integrated “UM” with “40” by transforming the upper half of “4” into “U” and the upper half of “0” into “M”. With the amalgamation of “40” and “UM” and the combination of the brand colours of UM: the classic blue, yellow and red, they showed the joy of 40th anniversary in their design.

Being encouraged by her supervisor, FHS Professor Yutao XIANG, Zihan LIU actively works on soft skills in addition to the acquisition of professional expertise. She always spends her free time in browsing related websites and books, and joining various workshops to ameliorate her design thinking and skill. Yimin ZHENG is good at time management and makes the most out of his leisure time in which he is eager for knowledge other than his professional area. He implements himself through visiting exhibitions, following other designers to take inspirations and recreating design for practice. Moreover, he is also a sports enthusiast.

UM implements a ‘4-in-1’ education model that consists of discipline- specific education, general education, research and internship education, and community and peer education. FHS has been putting lots of effort in fostering students in whole-person development.

The prize-winning logo design

Zihan LIU

Yiming ZHENG