I am currently working as a laboratory technician in FHS after graduation from the programme of Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences in UM. The responsibilities for my job include the operation and maintenance of the laboratory and facility. I am also doing a master’s degree in Public Health in a local university.

The studies of this course in UM has laid a solid foundation for my personal development and career planning. As being a high school student who didn’t receive any professional training in biomedical sciences, this course in UM has helped to open my eyes to a new discipline. FHS has provided an excellent study environment with outstanding professors, an integrated understanding and learning in biomedical sciences and advanced facilities. During the undergraduate studies, the friendly support and help from the faculty, professors and classmates have made me easily overcome various discomfort and challenges.

This programme has provided abundant resources to shape the students’ subsequent studies through participating in the research projects of different research group. I would like to recommend the younger student to engage in the research projects after the fundamental knowledge of biomedical science is studied, and it is recommended to select the general education courses in different discipline, this would be helpful to decide the personal development and career planning.

Finally, as the first batch of graduates in this programme, I am happy to see the development of faculty is in great progress in these years. Faculty is always asking the opinions about the future development and course setting from current students and alumni. Compared with the programme provided in 2015, the faculty has now provided more programme for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, including Data Science and Bioinformatics, of which futures are wide open. I believe that FHS will become more widely recognized in the contribution on both education and research.