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MD Huazhong University of Science and Technology
BMed Huazhong University of Science and Technology
2022 – Present Research Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau
2021 – 2022 Postdoc/RA, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau
Research Interests
Precision oncology theranostics based on advanced nanotechnology and biomedical imaging.
Representative Publications
  1. Zhou, L. Q., Wu, X. L., Huang, S. Y., Wu, G. G., Ye, H. R., Wei, Q., Bao, L. Y., Deng, Y. B., Li, X. R., Cui, X. W.*, & Dietrich, C. F. Lymph node metastasis prediction from primary breast cancer US images using deep learning. Radiology. 2020; 294(1):19-28. (ESI Highly Cited Paper)
  2. Zhou, L. Q., Feng, W., Chen, L., Huang, H., Huang, S. J., Chen, Q.*, Zhang, X. J.*, & Chen, Y.*. Targeting acidogenic metabolism by engineering self-catalytic siRNA nanocarriers/nanocatalysts for amplified tumor apoptosis/ferroptosis. Nano Today. 2022; 46:101623
  3. Zhou, L. Q., Dong, C. H., Ding, L.*, Feng, W., Yu, L. D., Cui, X. W.*, & Chen, Y.*. Targeting ferroptosis synergistically sensitizes apoptotic sonodynamic antitumor nanotherapy. Nano Today. 2021; 39:101212.
  4. Zeng, Q. H.1, Ma, X.Y.1, Song, Y.M.H., Chen Q.Q., Jiao Q.L.*, & Zhou, L. Q.*, Targeting regulated cell death in tumor nanomedicines. Theranostics 2022; 12(2): 817-841.
  5. Zhou, L. Q., Huo, M. F., Qian, X. Q., Ding, L.*, Yu, L. D., Feng, W., Cui, X. W.*, & Chen, Y.*. Autophagy blockade synergistically enhances nanosonosensitizer-enabled sonodynamic cancer nanotherapeutics. Journal of Nanobiotechnology 19, 112, 2021.
  6. Zhou, L. Q., Li, P., Cui, X. W.*, & Dietrich, C. F. Ultrasound nanotheranostics in fighting cancer: Advances and prospects. Cancer Letters. 2020; 470:204-219.
  7. Xu, M.1, Zhou, L. Q.1, *, Zheng, L., Zhou, Q., Liu, K., Mao, Y., & Song, S*. Sonodynamic therapy-derived multimodal synergistic cancer therapy. Cancer Letters. 2021; 497:229-242. (ESI Highly Cited Paper)
  8. Zhou, L. Q., Wang, J. Y., Yu, S. Y., Wu, G. G., Wei, Q., Deng, Y. B., Wu, X. L., Cui, X. W.*, & Dietrich, C. F. Artificial intelligence in medical imaging of the liver. World Journal of Gastroenterology. 2019; 25(6):672-682.