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Research Team
Name Position Office Phone Email
Yuhao CHENPhD Student (Lab Representative)E12-1032+853 8822 2736yc27645@um.edu.mo
Kei Kei LEIResearch AssistantN21-G004keikeilei@um.edu.mo
Lin HUAPhD StudentN21-G004
Jing LIUPhD Student
Yang QIAOPhD Student
Xinglin ZENGPhD StudentN21-G004
Xiaorui GENGPhD StudentE12-1032+853 8822 2736
Yujing HUANGPhD StudentE12-1034
Xianyuan WEIPhD StudentE12-1032+853 8822 2736
Xiao LIANGPhD Student
Yuwen HEPhD Student
Jintong GUOPhD StudentE12-1034+853 8822 2948
Xinxin WANGPhD StudentE12-1032+853 8822 2736
Yujing ZHANGPhD Student
Xuemeng LIPhD Student
Siyi LANPhD StudentE12-1032+853 8822 2736
Jiaqi LIANGPhD Student
Chan LEONGPhD Student
Sijia YANGPhD Student
Weng CHANPhD Student
Fan QIANPhD Student
Xilin DOUPhD Student
Qiwei GUOPhD Student
Ke YOUPhD Student
Shengnan ZHANGPhD Student
DEng Mechanical Engineering (Biomedical Direction), University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China (2002)
MEng Chinese Academic of Mechanical Sciences
BEng Henan University of Science and Technology
08/2021 – Present Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau
08/2017 – 08/2021 Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau
08/2013 – 08/2017 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau
Research Field: Molecular Imaging and Neuroimaging.
10/2012 – 06/2013 Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology/School of Communication, Arizona State University
Research Field: EEG-fMRI fusion
09/2007 – 10/2012 Research Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering Department, University of Florida.
Research Field: Biomedical Imaging and Biomedical Optics
01/2005 – 09/2007 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biomedical Engineering Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL32611. Research Field: Biomedical Imaging and Signal Processing
03/2004 – 01/2005 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Physics, Clemson University, SC29634
Research Field: Biomedical Optical Imaging
03/2002 – 03/2004 Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Institute of High performance Computing, National University of Singapore, Singapore 117523. Research Field: BioMEMS and Biomaterials
Research Interests
Neurosciences and Neuroimaging

  • Neuroimaging
  • Brain Disorders and Brain Cognition
  • Hyperscanning
  • Optogenetics, Brain Intervention and Brain Modulation

Biomedical Optics and Optical Molecular Imaging

  • Diffuse Optical Tomography(DOT);
  • Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS);
  • Photoacoustic Tomography/Photoacoustic Microscopy (PAT and PAM);
  • Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT);
  • Photothermal and Photodynamic Therapy;
  • Molecular Imaging and Cancer Nanomedicine;
Representative Publications
Neurophotonics and Neuroscience

  1. Hu, Z. S., Lam, K. F., and Yuan, Z. (2019) Effective connectivity of the fronto-parietal network during the tangram task in a natural environment. Neuroscience 422202-211
  2. Hu, Z. S., Zhang, J., Zhang, L. Y., Xiang, Y. T., and Yuan, Z. (2019) Linking brain activation to topological organization in the frontal lobe as a synergistic indicator to characterize the difference between various cognitive processes of executive functions. Neurophotonics 6(2), 025008
  3. Hu, Z. S., Lam, K. F., Xiang, Y. T., and Yuan, Z. (2019) Causal Cortical Network for Arithmetic Problem-Solving Represents Brain’s Planning Rather than Reasoning. International Journal Of Biological Sciences 15(6), 1148-1160
  4. Couto, T. A., Xu, S. Y., da Silva, P. A., Wu, C. G., Neergaard, K., Wang, M. Y., Zhang, J., Xiang, Y. T., and Yuan, Z. (2020) Effective Connectivity Study Guiding the Neuromodulation Intervention in Figurative Language Comprehension Using Optical Neuroimaging. Neural Plasticity 20208882207
  5. Xu, S. Y., Lu, F. M., Wang, M. Y., Hu, Z. S., Zhang, J., Chen, Z. Y., Armada-da-Silva, P. A. S., and Yuan, Z. (2020) Altered Functional Connectivity in the Motor and Prefrontal Cortex for Children With Down’s Syndrome: An fNIRS Study. Frontiers In Human Neuroscience 146
  6. Zhang, J., Meng, Y. X., Wu, C. G., Xiang, Y. T., and Yuan, Z. (2019) Non-speech and Speech Pitch Perception among Cantonese-speaking Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: an ERP Study. Neuroscience Letters 703205-212
  7. Hu, Z. S., Zhang, J., Couto, T. A., Xu, S. Y., Luan, P., and Yuan, Z. (2018) Optical Mapping of Brain Activation and Connectivity in Occipitotemporal Cortex During Chinese Character Recognition. Brain Topography 31(6), 1014-1028
  8. Lin, X. H., Sai, L. Y., and Yuan, Z. (2018) Detecting Concealed Information with Fused Electroencephalography and Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy. Neuroscience 386284-294
  9. Ieong, H. F. H., and Yuan, Z. (2018) Emotion recognition and its relation to prefrontal function and network in heroin plus nicotine dependence: a pilot study. Neurophotonics 5(2), 025011
  10. Wang, M. Y., Lu, F. M., Hu, Z. S., Zhang, J., and Yuan, Z. (2018) Optical mapping of prefrontal brain connectivity and activation during emotion anticipation. Behavioural Brain Research 350122-128
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  13. Lin, X. H., Lei, V. L. C., Li, D. F., and Yuan, Z. (2018) Which is more costly in Chinese to English simultaneous interpreting, “pairing” or “transphrasing”? Evidence from an fNIRS neuroimaging study. Neurophotonics 5(2), 025010
  14. Zhang, J., Meng, Y. X., McBride, C., Fan, X. T., and Yuan, Z. (2018) Combining Behavioral and ERP Methodologies to Investigate the Differences Between McGurk Effects Demonstrated by Cantonese and Mandarin Speakers. Frontiers In Human Neuroscience 12181
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Optical Molecular Imaging

  1. Men, X. J., Wang, F., Chen, H. B., Liu, Y. B., Men, X. X., Yuan, Y., Zhang, Z., Gao, D. Y., Wu, C. F., and Yuan, Z. (2020) Ultrasmall Semiconducting Polymer Dots with Rapid Clearance for Second Near‐Infrared Photoacoustic Imaging and Photothermal Cancer Therapy. Advanced Functional Materials 1909673
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Biomedical Optics and Optical Imaging

  1. Liu, Y. B., Gao, D. Y., Xu, M. Z., and Yuan, Z. (2018) Multispectral photoacoustic imaging of cancer with broadband CuS nanoparticles covering both NIR-I and NIR-II biological windows. Journal Of Biophotonics e201800237
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Full publications list
Research Grants
Present Grants as Principal Investigator in UM (Over 15M MOP)
2021 – 2025 多模態腦功能影像引導的經顱磁刺激早期干預小兒唐氏綜合症,RMB 100,000→Science Foundation of Guangdong Province → 廣東省科學基金
2021 – 2023 Dual-modal optical coherence tomography and photoacoustic imaging-guided dose-control cancer chemotherapy in the second near-infrared window, MOP 560,000 →MYRG2020-00067-FHS → 澳門大學多年度研究資助
2020 – 2023 Dual-modal photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging-guided cancer phototherapy with bacteria as the multifunctional theranostics agent, MOP 1,200,000→ FDCT 0020/2019/AMJ→ 澳門科學技術發展基金研究資助
2019 – 2021 NIR-II light-responsive oxygen-independent hybrid nanoplatform for multiscale photoacoustic imaging-guided photothermal/photodynamic synergistic cancer therapy, MOP 750,000→ MYRG2019-00082-FHS → 澳門大學多年度研究資助
2018 – 2021 Photoacoustic Molecular Imaging and Functional Neuroimaging Guided Photodynamic Therapy of Brain Glioma, MOP 1,800,000→ FDCT 0011/2018/A1 → 澳門科學技術發展基金研究資助
2018 – 2021 Development of quantitative multispectral photoacoustic elastic tomography for clinical detection of early-stage scleroderma,  MOP 900,000→ MYRG2018-00081-FHS → 澳門大學多年度研究資助
2016 – 2019 Structural and functional in vivo imaging of the bone-implant systems by multiscale photoacoustic tomography-使用多尺度光聲斷層成像實現骨- 植入物系統的活體結構和功能成像, MOP 1,310,000→ MYRG2016-00110-FHS → 澳門大學多年度研究資助
2016 – 2019 Using fused EEG and fNIRS to Study the Efficacy of Physical Therapy on Cerebral Palsy -使用融合的腦電和近紅外光譜成像研究運動療法治療腦癱的效果 MOP 2,200,000 → FDCT 025/2015/A1 → 澳門科學技術發展基金研究資助
2016 – 2019 Using fused EEG and fNIRS to Study the Efficacy of Physical Therapy on Cerebral Palsy -使用融合的腦電和近紅外光譜成像研究運動療法治療腦癱的效果 MOP 700,000 → UM MRG →澳門大學多年度研究資助
2015 – 2018 Monitoring Responses to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast
2014 – 2017 Photoacoustic Imaging of Binding Rate of Nanoparticles in Cancer Nanomedicine – 光聲成像癌症納米探針的結合率, MOP 500,000 →MYRG2014-00093-FHS → 澳門大學多年度研究資助
2015 – 2018 Development of Functional Multimodal Optical Imaging Techniques for Clinical Screening of Breast Cancer -基於乳腺癌臨床篩選的多功能光學成像技術的研究MOP 1,780,000 → FDCT 026/2014/A1→ 澳門科學技術發展基金研究資助
2015 – 2018 Development of Functional Multimodal Optical Imaging Techniques for Clinical Screening of Breast Cancer -基於乳腺癌臨床篩選的多功能光學成像技術的研究MOP 600,000 → UM MRG →澳門大學多年度研究資助
2013 – 2014 Identifying the Cortical Network Dynamics of Gambling Disorders in the Human Brains Using fNIRS Measurements-使用近紅外光譜測量識別人腦賭癮的神經網絡動力MOP 100,000 → UM SRG → 澳門大學新職員啟動研究資助
Cancer Using Quantitative Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Imaging-使用定量的光聲 譜成像監測乳腺癌對新輔助化療的反應, MOP 2,000,000→MYRG2015-00036-FHS→ 澳門大學多年度研究資助
  1. Hybrid Photoacoustic Tomography (PAT) and Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT): Methods and Algorithms, International Application No. PCT/US2008/055894.
  3. 一種融合光聲顯微,螢光顯微和超聲成像於一體的多模態顯微成像系統。中國專利號201820951744.5。
2017 FHS Best Teacher Award in Research
2016 中國光學重大成果獎
Professional Activities
Editorial Board Members:

  • Associate Editor of BMC Medical Imaging
  • Associate Editor of Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
  • Editorial Member of Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery
  • Special issue Editor for Biomedical Research International
  • Special issue Editor for Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences
  • Special issue Editor for Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
  • Special issue Editor for Biomed Research International
  • Guess Associate Editor of Medical Physics

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  • Senior Member of SPIE
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  • Biomedical Optics
  • Neuroimaging
  • Introduction to Neurosciences
  • Introduction to Molecular Imaging; Optical Molecular Imaging
  • Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
  • Computational Neuroscience/Neuroengineering
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