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The team under the supervision of the University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) has been devoting to their research project for the 2021 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition. Recently, the team representatives visited the Macao Economic and Technological Development Bureau and was warmly received by the Director Kin Ip TAI for the discussions on the commercialisation of their project deliverables. The two parties had in-depth exchange on the technological transfer.

During the meeting, the UM iGEM team introduced their research project that aims to reduce the purine content in beer with bioengineering editing technology to provide the consumers with a healthier alternative. They also target to extend the shelf-life of the beer without adding antioxidants but still maintaining the unique flavour of the beer, all of which bring glad tidings to the beer industries. Mr. Tai drew the team’s attention to the core issues of their products, particularly the protection of the intellectual property (IP) of this new concept of having low-purine beers with longer shelf-life. Mr. Tai recommended the team to develop a patent portfolio strategies based on a thorough analysis on the target market that facilitates the formulation of an IP protection.

Moreover, Mr. Tai suggested the team to conduct a comprehensive analysis on their products regarding the industrial standards since the food safety regulations in various places, especially the laws and regulations of genetically modified (GMO) foods may become a concern.  Public acceptance of these new products being GMO food may be the key to the success in launching these products in the market.

The team representatives affirmed that benefits of the meeting, which has broadened their views on marketing strategy, regulation compliance and more importantly technological transfer. They came to understand that transferring technologies developed was a complex value chain linking research to its societal and industrial deployment, and a meticulous planning on every step of the process was required for successful technology transfer.

The representatives of the team joining the meeting are two FHS Year 3 students, they are the team leader, Ying Yi MEI, and the team member, Xiao Nan HE.

Source: UM iGEM team

Ying Yi MEI, Kin Ip TAI, Xiao Nan HE (from left to right)